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::: Horse Collection Image

Author:Wang Nong

Size:Length:222 x Width:87 (cm)

Size description:135×69 (222×87)

Introduction:Wang Nong (1926-2013), born as Wang Li-Tian in Shenyang, was also known as the "Person from Beyond the Pass". He studied fine arts at the National Beiping Art School, learning from masters such as Xu Bei-Hong, Li Ke-Ran, Li Ku-Chan, Li Hua and Wu Zuo-Ren. Blending Western techniques with Chinese ink traditions, his works forged a unique and powerful style characterized by simplicity and a rustic, unpretentious charm, injecting new vitality into traditional Chinese painting. He had a special talent for painting herds of horses, often depicting dozens or hundreds of horses galloping with tremendous momentum. Unlike the "double-hook" brush technique used in Xu Bei-Oong's realistic horse paintings, Wang Nong painted each leg of the horses with a single stroke, emphasizing expression over realism and sparking imagination in the vastness. In 1949, he moved from mainland China to Taiwan and dedicated his life to artistic creation. In 1978, he won the first prize of the Taiwan Zhongshan Literary and Art Chinese Painting Creation Award, and his works have been permanently collected by national museums, including the Musée Guimet in Paris. As a student of Xu Bei-Hong, Wang Nong became famous for his horse paintings and was praised by his teacher as a multi-talented natural artist and a proud student. In addition to his love for painting, Wang Nong had a passion for Peking Opera. His understanding of the art form allowed him to vividly capture the essence and spirit of the opera characters he painted, rendering them with remarkable likeness.

n this work, we can observe the influence of the artist's horse painting style. Wang Nong demonstrated a thorough understanding of the horse's structure, muscles and bones, meticulously depicting these elements along with the horse's dynamic and static postures. Although a beloved student of Master Xu Bei-Hong, Wang Nong forged his own path under the influence of his teacher. His ability to paint herds of horses, showing spirit in expanse, is filled with imagination and grandeur.

Accession Number:PT06900400