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::: Bamboo in the wind Collection Image
Bamboo in the wind

Author:Zhong Shou-Ren

Size:Length:222 x Width:88 (cm)

Size description:134×69 (222×88)

Introduction:Zhong Shou-Ren (1927-1999), born in Nanan Village, Huashui Township, Dongyang County, Zhejiang Province, was a Taiwanese ink painter. As a child, he studied in a private school, but due to his family's poverty, he left school to farm. In 1946, he joined the Guard Corps of the National Government and served as a guard for Chiang Kai-shek. After coming to Taiwan with the government in 1949, he was transferred to the military as a secretary and held positions as a secretary in the Presidential Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, even being stationed at the Philippine Embassy. In his spare time, he painted to relieve his mood. He was a disciple of Chen Fang (Zhidin), from whom he learned ink bamboo painting and calligraphy, gaining a deep understanding and naming his painting studio "Huanbi Xuan". In 1966, he held his first ink bamboo solo exhibition at the Haitian Gallery in Taipei, and later held several solo exhibitions at Zhongshan Hall and other venues. He received the Arts Creation Award from the Zhongshan Cultural Foundation and published several volumes of painting collections, including "Zhong Shou-Ren's Bamboo Paintings" and "Zhong Shou-Ren's Creative Collection".

In his early years, Zhong Shou-Ren learned bamboo ink painting and calligraphy under the guidance of Chen Fang, and gradually achieved success. He also studied the styles of painters from the Song, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties, such as Wen Tong, Zhao Meng-Fu, Wu Zhen, Guan Dao-Sheng, Li Kan, Ke Jiu-Si, and Xia Chang, and improved his skills. After the death of Chen Fang, he followed Chen's last wish to learn flower painting from Gao Yi-Hong, and later met Ye Gong-Chao, frequently exchanging painting skills. Ye Gong-Chao, who was also an expert in bamboo painting, praised him: "Mr. Zhong is the most excellent and capable bamboo painter in Free China...he is skilled in the use of ink, with appropriate density, clear layers, lively and elegant, wonderfully reaching the tip of the brush; his wind and rain bamboo paintings especially convey the spirit."

Whether depicting wind, snow, clear or rainy weather, red bamboo or bamboo forest with color setting, Zhong Shou-Ren could effortlessly depict various scenes. He was also adept at painting the "Four Gentlemen" (plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum) as well as flowers and fish. This work, a portrayal of his skilled wind bamboo theme, depicts five slender bamboo canes swaying and bending in the strong wind, with leaves gracefully dancing. The scattered bamboo leaves, the variations in ink tones, and the lively composition show a vivid artistic concept. A seven-character quatrain and a poem by Chen Zihe are inscribed in the upper right corner of the painting. 

Accession Number:PT06901300