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Author:Huang Ma-Ching

Size:Length:44 x Width:69 x Height4 (cm)

Size description:56x77x4(含框)

Introduction: Huang Ma-Ching was born in 1952 in Lugang Township, Changhua County. At 14, he began to study under Wang Chin-Hsuan, a well-known traditional woodcarver, and began to make wood carvings for temples and traditional shrines. After graduating from his study, Huang continued to work on various local wood carvings and developed his artistic style by adopting local scenery and realistic scenes as his themes. He stood out in wood carving competitions during his prime years and was later awarded the "King of Winners" for his outstanding achievements.
The main vision behind Huang Ma-Ching's wood carving is to "learn from nature and live the present moment.” In other words, his works aim to integrate the understanding of nature into daily life. As a result, it is no coincidence that his art style is simple, peaceful, and down to earth. Over the years, his arts have focused on Taiwan's land use and ecological conservation issues. Huang aims to explore the local environmental problems through wood carving art.
This work uses the original grain texture of the wood to create a sense of flowing water, making the initial hardwood appear soft and fluid. The freely swimming fish are also incorporated into the art's composition. Not only do the fishes exemplifies Huang's solid wood carving skills, but also contribute to the liveliness of the artwork and express nature's precious values.
Huang's wood carvings reflect the importance of harmony between people and nature. Whether his artwork is a series of melon, lotus, ocean, nature, or other subjects concerning cultural heritage and ecological conservation, Huang has not only recreated the subjects' external characteristics, volume, shape, and mood, but also conveyed his careful observation and inner stirring of nature. Breaking away from the traditional artisan's focus on imitation without creativity, Huang devotes himself to creating art with a strong personal style and care.

Accession Number:CR09900100