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::: Sky of Democracy Collection Image
Sky of Democracy

Author:Tung Wu-I

Size:Length:94 x Width:74 (cm)

Size description:75×54.5 (畫心)

Introduction: Tung Wu-I (1967- ), born in Hsinchu County, initially worked in the printing and graphic design industry but later studied watercolor and shifted to fine art creation in 2000. After graduating from the Department of Visual Communication of Hsuan Chuang University in 2010, he studied at the Graduate School of Fine Arts of National Taiwan Normal University. He became a full member of the Chinese Asia-Pacific Watercolor Association. Tung has won third place in the watercolor division of the National Arts Exhibition, Hsinchu City Art Award, third place in the sketching division of the Excellence Award of Wen Shi-Ren Lily Award, and first place in the watercolor division of the Taipei County Art Exhibition. His works are rich in style, mainly using large grey color blocks to highlight the complicated layers and texture. With light tones and natural lines, his works present a sense of relaxation and joy.
Growing up in a farmer family in the countryside by the sea, Tung is adept at combining abstract presentations with figurative scenery of land and people in his watercolor. In recent years, he has embraced more traditional themes in his work. The clean color palette contributes to the painting’s impressionistic style. Dry on dry textures with simple yet not mundane texture at the center to portray the Memorial Hall.
Large brushstrokes painted the sky with delicate texture and depth of field from deliberate uses of water and layers. A few flying birds decorated the horizon, forming a serene, peaceful scenery that animates the work, mirroring the calm atmosphere in a democratic society.
Tung explores his personal life experiences and memories and then transmits them to people with lively expressions, allowing the audience to reflect inward and evoke the public’s love toward the land of Taiwan. Art, for Tung, is not only a hobby but also a necessity of life. His works are nostalgic and full of sentiments, reflecting his personal quest through the lens of landscape paintings.

Accession Number:PT09786600