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A Journey to Dreams

Author:Liu Ting-Hao

Size:Length:73 x Width:88.5 (cm)

Size description:36×54 (畫心)

Introduction: Liu Ting-Hao (1985- ), born in Taipei, is a Taiwanese watercolor painter. He graduated from the Department of Art Education of the National Taipei University of Education and received his master’s degree from the National Taiwan Normal University. Liu is a Member of Chinese Asia Pacific Watercolor Association. He was awarded the first prize in the Chun-Sheng Sketching Competition, the Gold Prize in the Still Life Drawing Competition, the first prize in the Humanities Award of Hsing Tien Temple, and the honorable mention in the watercolor category of the Dadun Fine Arts Exhibition. He has participated in the Taipei County Government Public Space Art Exhibition, the Invitational Exhibition of the Hundred Beautiful Pictures at the National Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, the Forest of Taiwan –Watercolor Roving Exhibition, the Taiwan Democracy Hundred Scenes Group Exhibition, and more.
Watercolor painting has been prominent in Taiwan for a hundred years. Kinichiro Ishikawa was the first to bring the art form to the island and later nurtured influential painters such as Ni Chiang-Huai, Lan Yin-Ting, Li Shih-Chiao, and Hsiao Ju-Sung. Ma Pai-Shui, His Te-Chin, and others are watercolor artists who came to Taiwan postwar. Following the academy and art association's continuous promotion, numerous new artists emerged during the 1970-the 1980s to inherit the legacy, such as Li Kun-Pei, Liu Wen-Wei, Hsieh Ming-Chang, Yang En-Sheng, Chen Yang-Chun, Lin Shun-Hsiung, and Hung Tung-Piao.
Studied under Hsieh Ming-Chang, Yang En-sheng, and Chien Chung-Wei, Liu Ting-Hao believes the role of water in watercolor mirrors the concept of nature. By fusing colors, Liu was able to recreate wrinkling and rendering visual effects on his piece. Liu wrote his master's thesis and held his graduation exhibition under the theme of "Watercolor: Ink."
As in this work, Liu uses a combination of dry on wet and wet on wet techniques to create a dream-like visual effect that resembles both watercolor and ink painting. In the painting,
surrounded by houses and trees on both sides, a pathway stretches from the viewer to its horizon as if welcoming a traveler's arrival and inviting them to the heart of nature and humanities.

Accession Number:PT09905800