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City Impression Collection Image
City Impression

Author:Dennis K. Chin(1922-2014)

Category:Digital Print


Size:Length:44.1 x Width:28 (cm)

Size description:相紙尺寸:縱(H)44.1cm、橫(W)28cm 開窗夾裱尺寸:縱(H)61、橫(W)50.7cm

Introduction:In his photographic works, his treatment of light and shadow, line, composition of elements, aesthetics, and transformation imagery are acute and unique. His works, from black-and-white, color, journalistic, advertising to artistic expression, always adopt simplicity to see the world and convey the aesthetics after careful observation. When taking pictures, he often used long shots to capture fleeting moments. He excelled in using the lens to see the details of an object, trying to make the subject exist in the minimalist aesthetics, using light to highlight the texture, and expressing its geometric patterns and modern abstract imagery. His works would stun the viewer at the first glance. Through his unique vision and shooting angle, he interprets the contours of modernism beyond his time.

He utilized the curtain glass of the buildings in Dallas, US to reflect the abstract form of in City Impression, and selected parts of the subject through long shots and angles, to give the cold modern city some unique artistic flavor.

Yang Yong-zhi, “2021 Compilation and Research Project of Metadata in Photography”.

Quotation by Dennis K. Chin, compiled by Angel Yang.
Media sources related to the “old gamin of photography,” Dennis K. Chin, compiled by Angel Yang.
Materials related to Chin’s works dictated and provided by students of Dennis K. Chin, Ching Hsieh and Angel Yang.

Media and Techniques:Inkjet print

Accession Number:NCP2016-012-0017