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Remains of Time Collection Image
Remains of Time

Author:Dennis K. Chin(1922-2014)

Category:Digital Print


Size:Length:29.5 x Width:44.1 (cm)

Size description:相紙尺寸:縱(H)29.5cm、橫(W)44.1cm 開窗夾裱尺寸:縱(H)50.7、橫(W)61cm

Introduction:Through the works of "stillness" and "movement" photographed by Chin, one can experience a kind of life imagery hidden underneath the material. His works explore various elements and refreshing mentality even of the same theme. Referring to the current trend of photography circle in Taiwan that many people seem to pay too much attention to equipment and techniques, Chin said that techniques was very important in the past because there were too many restrictions on equipment, but now things are different. One can deal with the majority of situation with a beginner’s camera or a smartphone. Yet, the important thing is “what does the ‘brain’ want to interpret here?” Looking at photography from the perspective of mass communication, photography and equipment are just tools for communicating. The focus should be on what message one would like to convey and what story one desires to tell through images. Then, one resorts to tools and equipment to convey the concept to the audience.

Chin, who used to be a photojournalist, was keen to observe. Remains of Time was taken in Beipu Township. He found there were some oil stain on an old wall of a local house, signifying the passage of time. He observed carefully and found that the oil marking conveyed a mood of Chinese landscape paintings. He then took a close-up shot of a part of the oil stain, presenting a work of landscape paintings, Remains of Time.

Yang Yong-zhi, “2021 Compilation and Research Project of Metadata in Photography”.

Quotation by Dennis K. Chin, compiled by Angel Yang.
Media sources related to the “old gamin of photography,” Dennis K. Chin, compiled by Angel Yang.
Materials related to Chin’s works dictated and provided by students of Dennis K. Chin, Ching Hsieh and Angel Yang.

Media and Techniques:Inkjet print

Accession Number:NCP2016-012-0016