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The Way Back (Ox Cart) Collection Image
The Way Back (Ox Cart)




Size:Length:15.9 x Width:12.5 (cm)

Size description:無

Introduction:The photograph depicts a girl leading a cart with an ox, surrounded by Ango trees and silvergrasses, in Chungliao Village, Green Island. This seemingly ordinary rural road was constructed for transporting political prisoners. The sky in the painting features translucent cumulus clouds with golden linings. Beyond the clouds, darkness and gloominess fill the sky, conveying a powerful, ironic metaphor. As a victim of the 228 Incident and the White Terror, Ouyang Wen developed, in his primitive darkroom on rustic Green Island in the 1950s, photographic work that aptly reflected the historical significance and climate of the period.(Text by Lu Hsiao-Yu)

Media and Techniques:Gelatin silver print

Accession Number:NCP2016-005-0009